Envision how much more straightforward medical procedure would be if the surgical table would mysteriously frame to fit the patient’s body, standing firm on them in precisely the footing you want them to be in. Specialists would have the option to point themselves impeccably to get to the impacted region for medical procedure.

Such an innovation as of now exists! Truth be told, it is an incredibly basic bean sack plan; vacuum attractions helps shape the beanbag.

A bean pack is put on the table and the patient is put on top. The bean pack is organized under the impacted region, and a siphon is utilized to make inflexibility taken care of, to stand firm on the patient’s foothold all through a strategy. The bean sacks are in an assortment of sizes and shapes, so an ideal form of the patient can be accomplished.

Bean packs are MRI tried and safe, and are frequently used to decrease patient portability during head and neck examines. A 2005 examination in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine establishes that a bean sack vacuum neck positioner utilized altogether diminished the blunder causing development of patients during MRIs.

This is particularly valid for newborn children and babies, who have their entire bodies encompassed in bean sacks to keep them from moving during a sweep. This refutes the need to steady babies and little children, and works on the exactness of the MRI results.