There is a Target Tree history here

Target Trees was founded in 2009 by Ian Flatters, a seasoned arborist with a strong enthusiasm for his vocation. He has been in the industry for over two decades and has grown the company from a one-man operation to one with a committed staff of employees.
Target is not your typical tree surgeon due to their specialised equipment, skill set, training, and technology. This allows for significantly more work to be completed in a single day.
They are committed to providing you with the best level of tree care.

People, Process, and Results

They can handle anything from tree removal to pruning as a tree service business, as well as provide professional advice on a variety of topics. They provide unparalleled services in the tree care sector, including tree removal, tree cutting and hedging, stump grinding, tree trimming, tree surveys, and tree reports.
Target Trees has earned a strong reputation as a team of Norwich Tree Surgeons with a lengthy list of pleased clients over the years.

Our Norwich tree surgeons can handle everything from simple tree surgery to more complex treatments.
We are able to complete works much faster than a one-man operation because of our devoted crew and high-quality, long-lasting equipment. Our headquarters are in the middle of Norfolk, so the towns and villages where we do business are conveniently accessible.

When you engage with Target Trees, you can rely on a team of professionals with decades of combined experience for your tree surgery requirements.

The Appropriate Tools for the Appropriate Job

With our extensive inventory of high-end equipment, we can execute any tree care project on time. If you have a job that necessitates the use of a skid-steer, a digger, or a wood-chipper, we have the necessary equipment to do it swiftly and efficiently.

What is the cost of hiring a tree surgeon?

The cost of a tree surgeon’s services is assessed based on the time constraints that they must meet. This means that our clients will have less downtime, and we will be able to keep project expenses low because we aren’t just one person doing all of the heavy lifting; we have a complete team that can get the job done faster and more often, for less money.

What measures should you take to find a qualified arborist?

As a result, if you need a tree surgeon in Norwich, it’s important to seek for a firm or a person with certain credentials. Inquiring about a company’s qualifications is quite acceptable.

Here are some essential points to consider:

• The National Competency Tests Council (NPTC), previously the City & Guilds Group, has replaced the City & Guilds Group as the new standard of proficiency for tree surgeons. If your tree surgeon does not have this card, keep in mind that it is an industry standard and should be the basic minimum necessary to establish a tree surgeon’s proficiency.
• Ask your arborist about accreditations and their affiliation with or approval by any organisations or membership programmes, such as the Arb Association.
• Request a thorough quote from the tree surgeon you’re thinking about hiring, and feel free to express any concerns or questions you have about the price.
• Do they have a current LOLER inspectors certificate? (This is a certificate that shows their equipment is examined for safety on an annual basis.)
• Make sure you know who will be on your property and get to know the tree surgeon so you have a clear grasp of the work that will be performed, including time periods.
• If you want total peace of mind, you should definitely contact a professional (Arborist) who is well-versed in all aspects of tree surgery.
• Is your tree surgeon a licensed waste carrier? This should be accessible from your tree surgeon, and please be aware if they are unable to give proof of this licence.
• On-site first aid; in the worst-case situation, the on-site first aider is critical to reducing the effects of a medical emergency.

Target Trees meets all of the above standards and many more since we are a high-end professional arborist business that works with the government and major organisations. The scope of our work is broad for us, spanning from modest individual residences to big woods.