Fitt Signs and Graphics, one of Norwich’s oldest sign manufacturing firms, is nearing its 60th year in operation, a tribute to the quality of its product, creative abilities, and dedication to customer care, without a doubt.

For many years, the firm has been recognised as a leading Norwich sign maker providing a wide range of services to both local and national clients alike.

A quick stroll or drive about their city will reveal a huge array of their work, including one of their very first customers, Norwich Union, back in the day.

This is a proud claim to make as one of the largest worldwide corporations, and while Norwich Union has now became AVIVA, the tie between them remains to this day.


They are undoubtedly able to go forward and lead the way within the ever-evolving signs sector, having just rebranded to ‘FSG Signs & Graphics’ and developing a fresh new image.

As industry pioneers with in-house production, they provide cutting-edge design, style, and signage materials such as Faux Neon and LED, setting them apart from the competition.

Their goods and services span a wide range of interior and exterior signage solutions, whether the customer requires a variety of complicated business signs for many sites, custom-designed and produced business signs, or even temporary outdoor signage they have all the bases covered.


A faux neon styled sign is usually preferable to a traditional neon version. With this type of signs and illumination, fonts and colours may be readily modified, providing a far broader range of design alternatives.

The hand-bent glass tubes are the only sort of classic Neon sign that is accessible. These may be used to make wonderful art works and are really effective in the correct atmosphere; they are also fairly adaptable, long-lasting, and recyclable.

LED will be the sign of choice for many people looking for a NEON alternative signage option. FSG Signs & Graphics Norwich has in-house production capability to make this sort of signage to the highest level, using acrylic and silicone flex. The advantages of LED as an alternative are that it is less expensive to create and operate, and it is much nicer to the environment, which is certainly better for the planet’s future.

One of their different display solutions is a terrific method to rapidly and simply add business information and brand exposure to any place. They may provide pop-up display systems with easy-to-assemble frames, pull-up banners for temporary or flexible signage solutions, sales boards, cafe’ seating barriers, and much more.


Vehicles are an excellent option to use as mobile advertising solutions in addition to taking you from point A to point B. Their skilled vehicle experts will be able to totally change a work vehicle into an exceptionally successful marketing tool for your company. Simple cut vinyl logos or graphics will certainly increase any company’s reputation, but to maximise the impact and make a true statement, their team can produce a brilliant and colourful entire vehicle wrap for full effect.


It’s apparent that FSG Signs & Graphics Norwich’s mission is to grasp your concept and vision before offering the finest design solution to boost your company’s image and branding and take your business to the next level.
They collaborate closely with all of their clients to guarantee that they exceed their expectations, adding a dash of their own innovation and providing a high-quality made product every time.